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4 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry in the Summer Sun

4 Ways To Protect Your Jewelry in the Summer Sun

Jewelry can add a sparkle to your vacation attire, but the hot, sunny climate may not treat your pieces nicely. Here are some ways to protect your jewelry in the summer sun.

Remove Jewelry at the Beach or Pool

Chlorine, sand, and sunscreen don’t pair well with fine jewelry. If you plan on spending most of your time by the pool or beach, know that elements like sunscreen and chlorine can negatively impact the quality of your jewelry. This is because chlorine creates air bubbles and brittleness in gold metals. Furthermore, exposure to chlorinated water for more than an hour can cause years of damage.

Meanwhile, sunscreen can create an unsightly buildup on gemstones and metal, resulting in a lackluster sparkle. Additionally, if you have colored gemstones, bright light and high temperatures can cause their hues to fade. So remove any jewelry before heading out for a day by the water.

Keep Your Jewelry Covered

Leaving your jewelry exposed to direct sunlight is never a good idea. For instance, the sun can damage opal gemstones, causing unfavorable color shifting or hazing. So if you plan on wearing opal jewelry, keep them protected under clothing or tucked away from direct sunlight.

Whether you spend time in your hotel, out by the pool, or exploring the area, keeping your jewelry out of heat and sunlight is essential.

Pack Your Jewelry Separately

During your travels, the last thing you want to do is pack your jewelry in one bag with all your items and belongings. It can result in damaged metal and gemstones, especially if you have softer ones, such as turquoise and moldavite.

Protecting your jewelry during transit by keeping it in fine jewelry boxes or soft cloths is crucial. However, if you can’t access a jewelry box, you can also use velvet sinch bags or tissue paper to protect your jewelry.

Have a Soft Polishing Cloth Handy

One way to protect your jewelry from the summer sun is to keep a soft polishing cloth close by for regular wipe-downs. Sweat and natural oils don’t pair well with jewelry, as sterling silver can turn black.

If you sweat more than usual, have a soft polishing cloth nearby to wipe down your jewelry. You don’t want to rely on a regular towel or beach towel because the fabric easily catches onto corners and pieces, loosening gemstones.

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